The Design Thinking Method in the Learning of Store Interior Design


This study aims to describe the application of design thinking method in innovative Interior Design learning with five stages: empathize, define, ideate, prototype, and test, and to find out whether the design process and results are in accordance with the set reference. Data collection through observation by observing 20 students participating in the Public Building Interior Design Lesson with store design project. From the results of the observations it can be concluded that students are able to think creatively (80%), understand theories (80%), formulate problems (80%), and provide design solutions with an emphasis on creating attractive, effective and efficient spaces in accordance with the image of the store (80%). Even with the same stages, the methods used by each individual are different because of the different working styles of individuals. The difference can be caused by the client and the solutions offered vary, also the mindset and work of each different participant.


Store Interior Design ,


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