The Implementation of TOKIJO as indigenous chemistry knowledge based learning media on chemistry of the element teaching for Senior High School Students


This article was aimed to describe the results of the implementation of learning media in the form of characters who combine prominent characteristics of wayang (javaness puppet) characters with chemical and physics properties, use, and abundance of chemical elements. This figure (character) is called TOKIJO (tokoh kimia jowo = javanes chemical figure). TOKIJO which has been developed then socialized to the chemistry teacher association (MGMP) in Temanggung district. This socialization consists of two steps, namely the application of the learning process and explanation to the teacher regarding the use of TOKIJO media in learning. This article emphasizes the implementation of TOKIJO in teaching process by looking at students' responses to the use of TOKIJO in learning. To collect student opinions, a five scale questionnaire was used. The results showed that students considered TOKIJO could improve their understanding on chemistry of the elements. Other results are discussed in this article


TOKIJO, chemistry, Students


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