Development of authentic instruments computer competency assessment for students of Vocational High School 5 in Padang City.


This study aims to develop authentic instruments in Digital simulation assessment to measure student learning skills that are valid, practical and effective. This research uses a Research and Development / R & D with the ADDIE development models. Through the stages of analysis (analysis), design (design), development (development), implementation (implementation), evaluation (evaluation). The research subjects were Class X students of SMK Negeri 05 Padang, digital simulation subjects. The Data of this study were Obtained through validation instrument sheets, practical questionnaires, and observations. The results of the validity tests show that the developed lesson plans are valid and authentic assessment. The practicality test results show that the authentic assessment developed is very practical with the percentage of the practicality of the teacher towards the lesson plan is 94% and the evaluation is at 92%. The effectiveness of test results state that authentic evaluations that are developed Effectively, 37% are used with time series analysis, the effect of treatment on the value of completeness of students increases and the test gain score is 0:37 with the medium category. Thus, this study produces authentic in digital simulation learning evaluations that are valid, practical and effective.


authentic instruments computer competency assessment , students


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