Integration of Treffinger model to increase students’ creative thinking and mathematics problem solving ability: an experimental study on 8th grade students in Gorontalo


One of the obstacles in achieving optimal results in the learning of science and mathematics is the lack of creative activity conducted in classrooms. Mathematics problem solving needs creativity, in which students can understand the power and benefits of mathematics concepts by themselves. This creative learning environment can be achieved by integrating a creativity-development learning model in the classroom. This study is an experimental study aimed to observe how is the Treffinger model, based on creative-learning model proposed by Treffinger in 1980, can increase students mathematics problem solving, especially for 8th grade students in Gorontalo city. Results show a significant positive effect of Treffinger model in increasing the creative thinking and mathematics problem solving abilities; therefore it can be used to improve mathematics learning outcomes.


Treffinger model, creative thinking, mathematics problem solving


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