The Effect of Training Motivation and Emotional Intelligence on the Performance of Badminton Players


The study aims to examine the effect of exercise motivation and emotional intelligence on the performance of beginner badminton athletes at SGS Bandung Badminton Association. The study was done to beginner man athletes who are the members of SGS Bandung Badminton Association in Bandung City of West Java. This study used post facto method with correlational techniques and employed simple random sampling. The results of the test and data analysis can be concluded as follows; 1) Training motivation has a positive effect on the performance of beginner badminton players in PB SGS PLN Bandung. 2) Emotional intelligence has a positive effect on the performance of beginner badminton players in PB SGS PLN Bandung. 3) There is a significant difference between training motivation and emotional intelligence on the performance of badminton players, where emotional intelligence has a greater impact compared to the training motivation towards the performance of beginner badminton players in PB SGS PLN Bandung.


performance of badminton players, training motivation, emotional intelligence


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