Student Centered Learning Applied Using Digital Literation


The industrial revolution 4.0 was characterized by the use of online and digital technology in various aspects of life. Digital literacy is one of the capabilities that must be possessed by everyone, so they can understand and use information from various digital sources. Digital literacy is used to read, write, and search for information with digital technology that students need to gain knowledge and develop independent learning skills through a project based learning (PPA) model. The project given to students is to make learning media especially for information presentation / presentation, innovative and interesting. The media can contain text, video, audio, animation, using various applications and multimedia. The project encourages student creativity and teamwork to learn new things, and communicate to others. This learning is student-centered learning, while the lecturer is only a facilitator. Student centered learning can foster learning and innovation skills in students, have life skills, and information skills to construct their own knowledge through real experience. The results showed that student digital literacy grew well through various projects, students were very creative and innovative in developing learning media, with satisfying results


Digital Literation, Learning, Student


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