Junior High School Teachers’ Problems in Digitally Infected Clime: The ICT Utilization Sensibility


Nowadays, the digital era which is known as 4.0 era began to endemic the world of education. Teachers as an actors of education get a challenge to adapt with this development. The purpose of this study is to describe the teachers’ problems in using ICT in junior high schools in Bangkinang City. The type of research is descriptive research. The subjects of this study were all 87 teachers in Junior High Schools 1 Bangkinang City. Based on the results of the research, it can be explained that the problems faced by teachers in the use of ICT are 1) the mastery of teachers in the use of ICT is still in the low category, 2) there is no regulations for teachers to implement ICT in the teaching and learning process 3) the lack of training activities to increase the teachers' ability to use ICT. The alternative solution that can be done is periodically implementing ICT training activities and increasing ICT facilities for teachers..


Teachers’ Problems, Digitally Infected Clime, ICT Utilization


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