The use of application builder "appy pie" on college course of media learning as learning media in the form of mobile learning


The purpose of this research are to create and determine the feaseibility of “Appy Pie” as the learning media in the form of mobile learning that contains the tutorial of media maker in media learning course. Preliminary research that was conducted to the 2016 Pendidikan Teknologi Agroindustri student which take the learning media course, the result shows 70.3 % of respondents had a problem as long as the learning process, furthermore 78.4 % respondents said that they need a source of learning like “media maker tutorial” which is need while they practiced in a course.There is required a facilty like a media maker tutorial to create a media learning, with the availability of mobile learning the students can access the tutorial anytime and anywhere. The steps of this research include identification of potential problem, data collecting, product design, design validation, design revison, product tiral on a small scale, product revision, product trial on alarge sclae, product revision and final product. Data analysis that used for this reasearch is qualitative descriptif method. Validation result that used to acquire the eligibility level help the product get a “very eligible” status from media and linguistic expert, also get aan “eligible” status from material expert. Most of respondents are agree with the quality and overview of mobile learning as learning media.


mobile learning, learning media, Appy Pie


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