Bridging literacy and curriculum: development of a thematic children’s book


The study aimed at facilitating and promoting meningful learning in the current thematic learning approach in elementary schools through developing a K-13’s content-based thematic children’s book. The study used ADDIE research and development model. Product of the research was a children’s book entitled Mencar (going fishing) which was meant to be used as a supplementary reading material for four graders on the subtheme Occupations Around Me. To make the book contextual, cultural aspects of Bali were also included. After completion, four reviewers containing two teachers, a writer, and an illustrator were asked to assess the quality of the book. Further, the book was tried out to twenty six students to see whether the book - when used together with the subtheme’s textbook - had an effect on students’ attitude, reading interest, and learning outcome. Results of the study show that the children’s book Mencar was proven effective in supporting learning, including children’s reading interest which is the primary goal of our national literacy movement or GLS.


children’s book, literacy, thematic learning


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