Does practice of learning skills and attitudes impact to intention to be a teacher


This study aims to determine whether there is an influence between Attitudes to Teacher Proffessions and Students Perception of Teaching Skill Practice (PKM) on intention to be teacher learning in students of Economic Education Program Faculty of Economics Unniversitas Negeri Jakarta Class of 2013. This research method uses survey method. The population in this study were all students majoring in economic education in 2013 totaling 76 students. The sampling technique using total sampling technique or better known as census. Data analysis techniques using SPSS 22.0. Results obtained the equation Y = 0.44 X1 + 0.39X2 + 28,73 ε1. The Rsquare value is 0,656 which means that economic learning outcomes can be explained by Attitudes to Teacher Proffessions and Students Perception of Teaching Skill Practice (PKM) are able to expalin as much as 65,6% variation in intention to be teachers, while the remaining 34,4% is influenced by other variables not examined.


Attitudes Teacher Profession, Students' Perceptions of Teaching Skills Practices (PKM), Teaching Skills Practices (PKM), Intention to be a Teachers.


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