Website-Based Learning Media Development for Computer and Basic Network


This research aims to develop website-based learning media designed for the development of valid, practical, effective, efficient and interactive learning media. This medium that has been developed will help students to be more active by utilizing information technology so that students are more independent in developing their knowledge. Learning can be done in classroom or outside school and any time to improve student learning outcomes. This research uses Four-D which is consists of define, design, develop, and desenmination. The data used is primary data, data which directly from the source, among others, experts as valid data validation experts, educators and students. Data analysis used is descriptive analysis. The results of this research can be obtained from the development of media as a tool that can be utilized in the teaching and learning process online. Based on the research that has been done, it can be concluded that (1) The results of effectiveness obtained from the pretest and posttest comparisons of students in increasing mastery in learning by 50%. (2) Practical results obtained from the teacher's response to the website-based media developed by 95% were stated as "very practical" while the students' response to the website-based media was 83% stated "very practical". This research shows that this website-based learning media was valid, practical and effectively used as a learning medium.


Learning Media, Website, Learning Effectiveness, Praktikalitas


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