Economic Valuation of Lake Maninjau by using Productivity Approach


Lake Maninjau is a potential location for freshwater aquaculture. Floating net cage fisheries (KJA) aquaculture activities if not controlled will have an impact on the balance of the natural ecosystem, causing environmental damage. This study aims to assess the economic valuation of Lake Maninjau in the cultivation of floating net cages. The data used are the results of the 2014 Agam Agricultural census. The sample in this study were 187 owners of floating net cages in Lake Maninjau. This data was obtained from a survey of household fish farming business in 2014 which is a series of agricultural census in 2013. To analyze the economic valuation of Lake Maninjau used the Productivity Approach. The results of the study found that the KJA area of 187 fish farmers in Lake Maninjau with an annual crop area of 9,735,000 m2, with a total income of IDR 310,144 / m2, a cost of IDR 187,040 / m2, with an overall profit of KJA in Lake Maninjau IDR 162,862 / m2 . Based on the results of the study showed that KJA fish farming has economic benefits.


Valuasi ekonomi, productivity approach, floating net cages (KJA)


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