The Characterization of West Sumatera Iron Sand as a Raw Material to Synthesize Magnetic Nanoparticles


This research has followed some steps taking, purification, and characterization of iron sand sampling from four places in West Sumatera. The iron sand purification is processed by physically and chemically process. The iron sand is examined by using X-ray fluorescent spectroscopy, X-ray diffractometer and magnetic susceptibility. The result of purification and examining by using the iron sand XRF data from four taking areas,(1) Sunua Pariaman, (2) Batang Masam Gadang Pasaman, (3) Padang Sibusuak Sijunjuang, 4). Batumbuak Solok. The result shows that Padang Sibusuak Sijunjuang Iron sand has the highest magnetic seeds percentage around 69.18% with the highest elemental content of Fe around 76.365%. This percentage is supported by the dissolution data of Sijunjuang iron sand with HCl to produce FeCl3, FeCl2 solution about 82%, with Mg(OH)2 and SiO2 insoluble impurities about 18%, and the highest magnetic sensitivity of 1998.7 x 10-8 m3/kg.


Iron sands, nanoparticles magnetic


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