Morphology of Mice Fetus After High Dose Intake of Vitamin A By Mother Mice Japan Strain


Vitamin A mostly used as an antioxidant product as its effective, easy to get, and cheap. The said effect of vitamin A is congenital defect of mice fetus, which related with teratogenesis as a side effect of hypervitaminosis A. hypertaminosis A mechanism is blocking genetic expression when gene mutation and change the nucleotide line on DNA that caused defected on embriogenic beginning. The aim of this research is to find out the morphology effect of mice fetus after high dose vitamin A intake on mother mice Japan strain. The research method that we used is experimental with postest only group design. The populations are healthy female mice japan strain. Sampling technique that we used is simple random sampling, which divided into 4 group, control group nd 3 different treatment group. Based on research result, there was an effect of high dose vit A consumption, into number of living birth rate, congenital defect birth, intra uterus mortality rate , and morphology defect (P<0,05). Its better to give social education about the benefit of Vit A consumption, and the danger of it to woman in fertile age, and also for couple on fertile age, also doing controlling and monitoring on vit A distribution.


Morphology, mice fetus, vitamin A


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