How Jingle Can Drive Brand Awareness?


Economic growth, smartphone and internet technology users, as well as online ticket transactions are growing rapidly. This has been exploited and made an opportunity by business people. The increasing number of online flight ticket booking sites is certainly a challenge of competition for management to win hearts of consumers. Management must introduce brand to consumers to create a positive impression. Therefore, the branding process can create brand awareness. is an online flight ticket booking site that uses jingles in its advertisements. This research was conducted to examine the effect of jingles on brand awareness on the site which ranked third on the TOP Brand Award. Therefore, the method used is descriptive and verification by using 70 respondents who watched ads as a research sample, and the sampling technique used probability sampling method. The questionnaire was distributed with Google Form through social media LINE and WhatsApp. The results of this study indicate that the picture of jingles and brand awareness is in the high category. Other results also showed a positive and significant effect between jingles on brand awareness.


Jingle, brand awareness,, advertising.


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