The Effect of Albert Bandura Social Cognitive Conservation using Sociodrama Techniques to Improve Students of Impact and Empathy with Setting Lesson Study of Class X Aph C In SMK Negeri 1 Singaraja


This study aims to determine the application of Albert's bandura social cognitive counseling with sociodrama techniques to increase sympathy and student x empathy. type of quasi-experimental research with pre-test and post-test control group design. a sample of 32 students with 31 df . the method of collecting data using a sympathy questionnaire and empathy, 30 items. The results of data analysis, the value of tcount is 2.1866 and ttable is 1.667 with (2.1866 > 1.667) so ho is rejected, and ha is accepted. So there is a significant difference. It was concluded that cognitive awareness of social bandura albert with sociodrama techniques was effective to increase student sympathy and empathy.


cognitive counseling, sociodrama techniques, lesson study, sympathy and empathy.


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