The challenge of learning history in schools during the new normal era


This research is motivated by the increasingly complex challenges of learning history in schools during the New Normal era today. These challenges include the development of an independent learning strategy. The term freedom to learn emerged when the Indonesian nation experienced the Covid-19 pandemic. The development of online learning models / on line. This model is an alternative during the Covid-19 pandemic. A new strategy / approach is needed to be able to answer the challenges and changes that have occurred in Indonesia, especially during the Covid-19 pandemic. The method used in this research is the library research method. The Creative Teacher Strategy is an alternative in learning History. Creative strategies place the teacher to make changes to the behavior of various learning, where the teacher uses the method / strategy is very much determined by how students learn. So it is not a method that determines the learning situation but the learning situation of students determines the method / strategy. The learning atmosphere changes from off line to on line. These changes have a direct impact on teachers and on students. History teachers are required to be able to use several online learning techniques that support their duties as history teachers. This challenge positions history teachers to make changes and improvements in carrying out their duties.


Pembelajaran sejarah, new normal


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