Activity of uk–3a: i–dihexylpicolinyl glutamate ester compound against Mmurine leukemia p–388 cells


The new antibiotic, UK–3A, is a nine-ring dilactone derivative isolated from the mycelium Streptomyces sp. 512–02 and has been shown to be active in inhibiting the growth of bacteria and cancer cells. The functional groups of hydroxy, amide, and nine–ring dilactone are the active groups present in UK-3A compounds. A new UK–3A, L–dihexylpycolinyl glutamate ester (HPG) was synthesized with two step, firstly, esterification reaction between L–glutamic acid and hexanol by p–TsOH as catalyst. Secondly, amidase reactions with 3–hydroxy–picolinic acid using DCC/DMAP. The final product was identified using UV, FT–IR, LC–MS, 1H–NMR, and 13C–NMR. The HPG produced was oily chocolate with a yield of 70.76%. The toxicity test of Artemia salina L shrimp larvae showed that HPG had an LC50 value of 660.47 ppm. The activity of this compound was carried out on murine leukemia P–388 cancer cells, the HPG showed a better in inhibibitory ability to cancer cell growth (IC50) than UK–3A compounds, the value of 8.4 ppm.


UK–3A; P–388; antibiotic


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