Empowering Startup and Technopreneurship in East Indonesian Region: Case of North Sulawesi as Indonesian Hub in Asia Pasific Region


Since Indonesia's independence, there has been a growing gap between western Indonesia and the eastern Indonesia region. In today's technological age, to catch up, it requires technological development in all fields such as infrastructure, innovation, and entrepreneurship. The number of technology startups emerging from this region is only 3% of total startups in Indonesia. This problem requires the growth and development of a startup ecosystem in this region. North Sulawesi Province, the province in Indonesia's eastern region, is geostrategically suitable to serve as a hub and door gate for Indonesia in the Asia Pacific areas. This province requires many new technology startups from this area and newborn technopreneurs to create local resource-based technological innovations for national and global markets. This paper is a literature review that aims to study the development and empowerment of a startup and technopreneur ecosystem in Eastern Indonesia with the North Sulawesi region as Indonesia's gateway and hub to the Asia Pacific Region.


Startup, technopreneurship, East Indonesian region, North Sulawesi, Indonesia, hub, door gate, geostrategy, Asia Pasific Region


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DOI : https://doi.org/10.32698/ICRED.0452