Analysist of Customer Value Index for Choosing Sharia Hotel in Bandung


The decreasing percentage of the use of Islamic hotels by tourists visiting Bandung in recent years is the background of the problem in this study. The purpose of this study is to discover consumer preferences in selecting sharia hotels in Bandung City in the form of a combination of sharia hotel attributes. Furthermore, to ascertain the value driver, namely the attribute that consumers pay the most attention to by calculating the customer value index. The research data were obtained from hotel consumers, amounting to 204 people. The research method used is descriptive quantitative with data analysis techniques using conjoint analysis. The results of the customer value index show that hotels with operations do not provide alcoholic drinks, service for all employees wearing clothes that cover their genitals, no nightly entertainment facilities are preferred by tourists staying at Sharia hotels. Meanwhile, sharia hotels that separate staff and guests according to gender, time management services for the use of fitness facilities according to gender, separate facilities for male and female guests, are the least preferred cards. Therefore, Islamic hotel management needs to improve service facilities that are in accordance with Islamic law to rise customers who use Islamic hotels.


Sharia hotel, customer value index, value driver


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