Computer Aided Design and Drafting Reengineering on Post-pandemic Heavy-part Industrial Warehouse Layout


The study was seeking out the most appropiate application of warehouse layout pattern using extended AutoCAD simulation version. Pre-eliminary data was gained based on financial and performance of major heavy parts providers. Both primary and secondary data resources had been processed and analyzed during period of 2020 which been calculated the ratio of the percentage of area for each type of product category based on sales productivity and the percentage results can be applied with CADD simulation (Computer Aided Design and Drafting) by using software application AutoCAD and SketchUp to clarify in viewing images in 3 dimensional form. After the reapply layout is applied in the application, the company can use color codes and numeric / letter codes to make it easy in grouping categories of goods. The results idicate that well-organized and technology based warehouse operations brought enormous and significant growth to both efficiency and revenuein particular post pandemic period this year.


Industrial warehouse, layout simulation, CADD simulation


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