Intention towards Halal Logistics in Indonesia; What are the Important Factor?


Halal industry is much broader than just food. One of the issue that very crucial is ensuring segregation halal product from non -halal products during sourcing, production, and transportation processes through halal logistics. However, consumers have not shown much concern for this issue. This study determined the factors affecting intention towards halal logistics using theory of planned behavior. Through questionnaire survey, 392 items of feedback were obtained and analyzed using Standarized Equation Model (SEM). The study proven that Perceived Value and Knowledge of Halal Logistics have a positive effect on Intention toward halal logistics, but Perceived U sefulness has a negative effect on Intention toward halal logistics. Meanwhile intention toward halal logistics has a positive effect on Behavior toward halal logistics. This finding suggest that the behavior of using halal logistics can be improved indirectly through intention which is influenced by perceived value and knowledge of halal logistics.


Behaviour, consumer, halal logistics, intention


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