Factors Affecting Personal Financial Management Behaviors of Millennials Generation in Indonesia


The development of financial products continuously increased, and the users of financial products are also growing up every year. However, the increasing use of financial products is not in line with their good financial attitudes and knowledge. This can be seen from high financial inclusion meanwhile the financial literacy is going low. Knowledge and financial attitudes are needed, this is considering that many individuals have not been able to manage their finances properly. This research tests whether financial knowledge, financial attitude and locus of control affect financial management behavior. The data was collected by questionnaires distributing to 151 respondents who matched the criteria. Data processing was using multiple linear regression analysis on IBM SPSS 23. The results showed that financial attitudes have a positive effect on financial management behavior, financial knowledge has a positive effect on financial management behavior, while locus of control has a negative effect on financial management behavior. The results of the research are useful for employees and also public society in order to understanding and knowing how important to have attitudes, knowledge and financial control because these can bring a good or bad effect on their respective financial behavior.


Financial attitude, financial knowledge, locus of control, financial management behavior


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DOI : https://doi.org/10.32698/ICRED.0485