The Dynamics Development Land Border Analysis in Indonesia through The Composite


The border area in Indonesia, includes land and sea borders is a strategic area from a social, economic, political, cultural and even national defense and security perspective. Management and development of the border area as a strategic area is imperative in order for policies towards this area to be effective. Even though it still has problems, currently, the development of border areas remains one of the priorities of the Indonesian government. To analyze the dynamics of border area development during 2018-2019, a Land Border Area Coposite Index (IKPD) was created. This IKPD is made based on the Linear Aggregation Model (OECD 2008) and is expected to contribute to the right thoughts and strategies regarding the development of border areas based on the regional development index, considering that there was no previous index on the development of border areas. The IKPD is also used as a reference in evaluating government policies in implementing paradigm changes in border management and policy recommendations made by the central and regional governments.


Dynamic analysis, land border area, land border area composite index


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