GEULIS PISAN (Strategic Online Business Outlet for Santri Core Product): Adoption of Pesantren & Business Digital Marketing Post Covid-19 Program in West Java


The things which need to be considered in pandemic is the economic sector recovery mechanism as a result of the Pembatasan Sosial Skala Besar (PSBB) policy, especially in West Java Province. This PSBB policy is an anticipatory step from the government to chain-break of Covid-19's spread. The application of digital marketing at a strategic level is carried out as an alternative solution to traditional marketing of products produced by pesantren become more comprehensive. So this research aims to build and develop a GEULIS PISAN (Gerai Usaha Online Strategis Produk Inti Santri) program which is ideal for micro-businesses adopt especially pesantren in West Java Province. This research uses an exploratory qualitative approach. Data sources obtained through observation, interviews and literature studies. The adoption of the GEULIS PISAN program through three stages, including (1) the initiation phase; (2) the decision-making phase; and (3) the outcomes phase. The advantages of this program are (1) increase trust from exist customers and acquiring potential new customers; (2) novelty in technological sophistication; (3) expanding market share and (4) increasing competitiveness.


Online business, santri core product, digital marketing, adoption of pesantren


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