Design of A Coconut Processing Business Model Using Service System Science Approach: A Case Study in Coconut Partner Producers Cooperative (KPMK) Pangandaran


The Pangandaran Coconut Producers Cooperative (KPMK) was established by young coconut farmers to improve farmers' welfare. KPMK member farmers have processed coconuts into various derivative products that have added value, including coconut flour for the local market, cocofiber and cocopeat for the export market. Several agencies, both government and financial institutions, have provided assistance and empowerment. However, each of these agencies acted in their own interests. This research aims to create value cooperation (co-create value) for stakeholders by implementing a soft system methodology to promote social value through collaboration and communication to improve the performance of KPMK businesses in Pangandaran. The design of a business business model is developed with a service system science approach to integrate interests into common goals. KPMK needs to carry out value orchestration by inviting all stakeholders to come together in one interest and handing over control to them.


Co-create value, service system science, soft system methodology, value orchestration


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