Worklife Balance on Superior Performance at PT. Krakatau Tbk


In this study, there are two variables, namely the variable X (WORK LIFE BALANCE) and the Y variable (SUPERIOR PERFORMANCE). This research was conducted to determine the effect of WORK LIFE BALANCE on SUPERIOR PERFORMANCE at PT Krakatau Tbk.The method used in this research is descriptive analysis method to identify how the influence of WORK LIFE BALANCE and how much SUPERIOR PERFORMANCE is in PT Krakatau Tbk. Meanwhile, the verification analysis for problem identification is how much influence the WORK LIFE BALANCE has on SUPERIOR PERFORMANCE at PT Krakatau Tbk. This research was conducted using a sample based on Purpose Sampling. The hypothesis of this study is that the WORK LIFE BALANCE has an effect on SUPERIOR PERFORMANCE at PT KRAKATAU TBK . To measure the influence of these variables using Simple Linear Regression with the help of the application system software SPSS 24.0. Based on the results of data analysis using statistical methods, it is concluded that there is a significant influence between Work Life Balance on employee superior performance, this is based on regression analysis with the equation Y = 17.643 + 0.565X. In correlation there is a very strong relationship between Work Life Balance an Superior Performance of employees with a value of 0.766. Obtained the coefficient of determination (KD) of 58.7%. The t value of the correlation coefficient of 6.302 is greater than the t value of 2.021 so that H0 is rejected. Based on these results it can be concluded that the Work Life Balan ce has a strong effect on employee work performance.


Work Life Balance, Superior Performance


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