Ziswaf's Potential to Support Fiscal Policies During Covid-19 Pandemic: Basic Concepts for Future Economic Organization


Based on the 2019-nCoV virus or Covid-19 (Coronavirus novel) originating from Wuhan, China since December late 2019 has become an epidemic in Indonesia and has even become a global health issue. This mini-research study aims to determine the potential of ZISWAF Islamic Public Finance and Government Policy to determine the role of ZISWAF on the impact of covid-19 in Indonesia. The method used in this research is descriptive research using the content analysis method, while the data collection method uses documentation and the adequacy of references. Besides, the adequacy of library data studied has been collected previously. The result of this study indicates that public finance has the potential for its instruments ZISWAF with government policies and has a role in covid-19 policies in Indonesia in public welfare.


ZISWAF (zakat, infaq, sadaqah, waqf); fiscal policy; islamic public finance; covid-19


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DOI : https://doi.org/10.32698/ICRED.0501