E-Commerce Application and Achievement of Competitive Advantage


Technology is developing so rapidly should be used by businesses. Appropriate us of technology can improve the performance of the company. Business process is lengthy, complicated and takes a long time to become more efficient and help reduce costs. E-commerce is one of the technologies that should be implemented in the company. E-commerce is the answer to the demands of globalization. Growth of Internet users is growing rapidly should be the reason why the company should try to implement e-commerce. Although it is the development of e-commerce users have not been so impressive compared to the growth of internet users. The phenomenon of ecommerce can’t be understood and well-supported, especially in developing countries such as Indonesia. Consumers do not have confidence in the security of transactions, products shown similarities with reality, to the consumer who does not have the ability to do so. Application of e-commerce will be able to increase the competitive advantage of the company. Implementation of e-commerce requires a careful strategy that has been decided by the management of the company, including preparing the resources and technology tools capable human resources in the field of information technology, building information systems for managing the company's operations. Mechanisms and transaction services are fast and short with good security. Establish good cooperation with suppliers and distributors. If all of the above can be done well will be able to increase the competitive advantage of the company.


E-commerce, competitive advantage


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DOI : https://doi.org/10.32698/ICRED.0502