E-Commerce Used Analysis with SWOT Method in Online Shop Shopee


The purpose of this study is to analyze the system of E-commerce usage in one of the largest online stores in Indonesia Shopee using the SWOT method. By using this analysis, researchers can find out about the various kinds of advantages that exist in shopee shops, including estimates of relatively fast delivery of goods and diverse product categories with promo offers and fantastic discounts. However, this shopee shop also has some weaknesses, namely the response from sellers that are not fast enough, the appearance of products that are less attractive and free shipping offer given certain conditions. In addition shopee shops also provide a lot of business opportunities, both small businesses and large businesses. But shopee shops have a lot of competition and therefore many promotions and discounts to attract consumers. However, until now there are still many people who think that shopping by using online media has a higher risk of fraud, so the Indonesian people have not fully used E-commerce technology to meet their needs, especially in terms of daily necessities.


Shoope, IFAS, EFAS


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DOI : https://doi.org/10.32698/ICRED.0505