History learning strategies during the covid 19 pandemic: cases in vocational high schools


History learning online at Vocational High Schools has experienced several problems, student learning completeness is not achieved due to accelerated learning hours during the Covid-19 Pandemic and the material being taught is prioritized for essential materials. The hours of history lessons which were originally 2 hours of lessons amounted to 90 minutes, to 60 minutes. In fact, often students and teachers experience technical problems in the implementation of learning activities. Conditions like this cause learning to be incomplete and not optimal. For this reason, appropriate learning strategies are needed that are in accordance with student needs and learning objectives are achieved. One alternative is through a learning strategy with a cooperative learning approach, namely a strategy that involves student activity in learning activities both synchronously and asynchronously. At synchronous time, the teacher explains the theory, then learning is carried out asynchronously, where students learn the subject matter through teaching materials based on hyper content e-modules. Cooperative learning strategy is carried out with a student-oriented approach, in which the subject of the learner is the student. The portfolios that students work on provide learning experiences that can enhance their talents, interests and skills.


History learning, vocational high schools, covid-19 pandemic


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