Developing english teaching materials based on content-based instruction (CBI) approach for islamic management and banking students of UIN IB Padang


This research discusses the development English learning materials based-on content-based instruction approach for Islamic management and banking students of UIN IB Bonjol Padang. The method is R & D adopted from the ADDIE model that stands for the phases of Analyze, Design, Develop, Implement, and Evaluation. Those phases are to explore the students’ needs; to develop the design and to find out its validity; and to find out the practicality of the developed learning materials. However, evaluation phase is excluded for limited time and budget. The results of needs analysis shows that the students preferred learning English for business Purposes to General English. The business topics that they want most to learn were related to business, recruitment, writing CV and letter of application, job interviews, business etiquette, telephoning. In implementation phase, it was found that the developed materials were categorized ‘practical’ to be used by Islamic management and banking students


ESP, material development, content-based instruction approach, needs analysis (na), english for business purposes (EBP)


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