Management of facilities and infrastructure in islamic educational institutions case study of islamic boarding schools tanwirunnida mungkid Magelang


Research on Facilities and Infrastructure Management at Tanwirunnida Islamic Boarding School. The education system is an interrelated component such as curriculum, materials, methods, educators, students, facilities, tools, approaches and so on. Understanding the concept of integration and interconnection between the sub-systems above is still lacking so that the learning process is not optimal. This study uses a library research method with an analytical-descriptive approach. The results of the study indicate that the management of educational facilities and infrastructure is a collaborative process for the effective use of all educational facilities and infrastructure. The purpose of managing Islamic boarding school facilities and infrastructure is to provide professional services so that the learning process can take place effectively and efficiently. The management process of Islamic education facilities and infrastructure includes (1) Planning (2) Procurement (3) Inventory (4) Supervision and maintenance (5) Elimination and arrangement, each of which leads to the facilities and infrastructure of Islamic educational institutions. The conclusion of this study is that the management of facilities and infrastructure at the Tanwirunnida Islamic Boarding School must be oriented to the principles of being on time, on target and effective.


Facilities and infrastructure, islamic educational institutions, ponpes tanwirunnida


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