Disorders Coexisting in People with Irlen Syndrome and The Special Support They Need


Many People with Irlen syndrome complain about not only visual hypersensitivities but also other sensory hypersensitivities. They may coexist with other disorders. Especially when autism is present, sensory hypersensitivity increases. In this study, 34 out of 100 patients with Irlen syndrome who did not have other disorders, 33 had ASD, 6 had ADHD, 8 had LD, 7 had ASD and ADHD, 2 had ASD and LD, 3 had ADHD and LD, and 2 had ASD, ADHD and LD. The male-female ratio of Irlen syndrome was male:female = 53:47. However, when ASD coexists (including multiple coexistence of ADHD and LD), the ratio of male:female = 27:17 is higher for males, and when there is no disability, male: female = 14:25 and female ratio became higher. We conducted a checklist on hyper-sensitivity and insensibility in the checklist of Takahashi and Masubuchi (2008), and investigated what kind of support people with Irlen syndrome need. The results showed that many of them also needed more than just visual assistance. In addition, there were some items whose check rates differed when other disorders coexisted and when they were not. Those who coexisted with ASD generally needed more support, especially items related to skin irritation, clothing, stimming and hyperaia. While, those who had only Irlen syndrome had a remarkable need for support for light sensitivity, and often needed support for taste and smell. Also, those who coexist with ASD may prefer light stimulation (glitter), while those who have only Irlen syndrome tend to dislike.


Irlen syndrome, Autism spectrum disorder, Hyperesthesia


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DOI : https://doi.org/10.32698/GCS-04261