System Quality in Web-Based Application of Children with Special Needs Service Management


This study aims to determine the feasibility and effectiveness of system quality in web-based aplication of children with special needs service management. System quality indicators include: (1) the application has never experienced interference when used, (2) the application provides complete features, (3) the application can be accessed anywhere and anytime, and (4) the application has a decent display. This research is a development research which procedures referring to Gall, Gall, & Borg, that is: identification of needs, planning, initial product development, expert testing, revision, small-scale field testing, and large-scale field testing. The results obtained are a percentage of 91.67, which means that the system quality in the web-based aplication of children with special needs service management is very feasible and very effective to use.


Children with special needs services; management; web-based application; system quality


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