Implementing Inclusive Pedagogical Approach in Stem Learning for Under-Enrolled School in Malaysia


What do you understand by inclusive? While inclusive has many meanings, Malaysia Education Plan 2013 – 2025 has put under-enrolled schools in the inclusive education programmes as one of its targeted mission to enable equity education for all in Malaysia. Nevertheless, as reported in the Malaysia Education Plan 2013 – 2025, Malaysia is also facing a declining in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics interest among school children. This article aims to review the literature on inclusive pedagogical approach for Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics learning practices that focus on the under-enrolled schools in Malaysia, which account for 7% of total primary school enrolment. This article further discusses six pedagogical strategies in under-enrolled schools. The strategies are (i) flexible method, (ii) group and individualize teaching & learning method, (iii) Class teaching & learning method, (iv) Peer coaching teaching & learning method, (v) contextual teaching & learning method, and (vi) the same level of ability teaching & learning method. It is claimed that these pedagogical strategies would help teachers to prepare their classroom activities, especially for Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics learning practices. Thus, it is essential to be cleared that the strategies proposed by the Ministry of Education are to uplift teachers' knowledge for the under-enrolled schools' classroom activities. Finally, it was discussed on the impact of these pedagogical approaches for the learners.


Stem Learning; Inclusive Pedagogical Approach; Under-Enrolled School


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