Improve Identification of Uppercase of The Child's with Learning Disabilities Dyslexia by Using Stimulus Theatre Mustika Voka


This study aims to help students with dyslexia understand the use of alphabets to solve teaching problems and specialization of uppercase through the VOKA Mustika Theater Stimulus Method. A total of 7 remedial students at risk of learning dyslexia were selected as respondents in this study based on a diagnostic test conducted on 20 pupils (Year 2) who are currently undergoing special remedial program at Subang Royal Malaysian Air Force Primary School . The study instrument consisted of structured observations using the Diagnostic Test Analysis Record Form and the Reading and Writing Mastery Instrument (IPP2M). Review of the problem shows that students with dyslexia have difficulty remembering and identifying the alphabet, especially uppercase letters. Pupils with dyslexia also find it difficult to remember the alphabet sounds that teachers hear. As a result students cannot write all capital letters correctly. To address this problem, the VOKA Mustika Theater Stimulus Method was modified based on a student's learning style including student-centered audio, visual, kinesthetic, touch, individual and group learning styles. The results show that the techniques used can improve students' level of understanding of alphabet comprehension effectively.


alphabets, Stimulus, theatre, Dyslexia,VOKA


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