Love Our Earth – Educational Mobile Application


The application titled Love Our Earth is developed to assist teachers and students to understand the environmental care topics more easily. The applications are suitable for use by all students including special needs. This app is named as Love Our Earth and covers two major focus, which is pollution and recycled. MIT Inventor 2.0 is used as the main medium of application development other than several other linked sites such as Microsoft Sway, Quizziz and YouTube. It also has a simple coding game which is related with 3R and pollution. Through this application, some of the benefits that can be earned are students can perform self-learning everywhere. This application can also be used as a reward item for pupils who successfully complete the task. Overall, the application can increase the creativity of students and to prepare students with current needs in fulfilling the 4.0 Industrial Revolution.


mobile application, special education, environment, pollution, development.


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