Educational development in the independent learning program


This article examines the learning methods in education development in the Free Learning Program. Merdeka Belajar is a response to the needs of the education system in the era of the Industrial Revolution 4.0. In the era of the Industrial Revolution 4.0, the main need to be achieved in the education system or more specifically in learning methods, namely students or students, namely mastery of new literacy. The new literacy, namely. First, data literacy. Second, technological literacy. Finally, human literacy. In addition, in the Merdeka Belajar system, character education is also emphasized. This article uses library research. With data sources from journals, research reports, scientific magazines, newspapers, relevant books, seminar results, resource persons, library papers, graphic videos, and so on. So in this study, the learning method in the Industrial Revolution 4.0 era can determine the success of learning. The methods used may vary, but in an independent education system, the Blended Learning method is ideal as a learning method. The Blended Learning method combines the advantages of face-to-face and virtual learning. In this research, it strengthens the theory of Peter Fisk about the trend of education trends in the industrial era 4.0.


Merdeka belajar, teaching methods, blended learning, education


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