Freedom to learn in projection 21st century islamic education


The Ministry of Education and Culture's “Independent Learning” discourse becomes a material for discussion as well as to critically analyze where our National Education is going to be. This concept has become a trend of discussion which has attracted various attention among observers of Indonesian education. Then Islam was transformed into the only system capable of giving birth to a generation of intelligent and civilized qualities. The purpose and focus of research is to find out what the independent learning program is trying to achieve; Finding the expected outcomes of 21st century education projections; Bring up the concept of Islamic education as the future of the National education program throughout its application. The research method uses a library research approach. Data collection is carried out by examining or exploring several journals, books, and documents (both printed and electronic) as well as data sources or other information relevant to the research. The research findings show that since the beginning, Islam has projected the independence / freedom of education, including in terms of learning. Learning independently without feeling forced is a big asset in training and educating oneself. This can be referred to in the life of Rasulullah SAW., That studying in Islam under certain conditions is no longer limited by time, for example through dreams such as the study of prophets and saints.


Free learning, projection, islamic education


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