Parental support for independence of children with special needs in distance learning


The goal to be achieved in this study is that the support of parents is important in the parenting pattern of children with special needs, this support results in the formation of an independent attitude that will be owned by them. The research method is quantitative and qualitative, namely in the form of a list of tables that are converted into percentages to calculate how many questions in the questionnaire answer a research. While qualitative is the elaboration of quantitative data obtained by researchers. The data collection technique in this research used an online questionnaire/questionnaire via the link which was addressed to parents of children with special needs at SLB Negeri Salatiga. Based on the research results obtained, it can be concluded that parental support for the independence of children with special needs in distance learning is very good considering that previous teaching and learning activities were conventionally converted into distance learning from their own homes. The fact found in the field is that the response of parents to students' independence during distance learning is 70% even though there are still some obstacles that interfere with distance learning.


Independence, children with special needs, distance learning


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