The Diversity of Teaching Creativity towards Enhancing Soft Skills for History Students


At this point we often hear the difficulty of university students get jobs. Job opportunities that have too much competition. In other words, after learning to be at the secondary school level and university, it seems that the students are less executable and can not create a job opportunity that can provide lucrative income. Employers in jobs rarely employ local university products, or secondary school students with SPM and STPM certificates. The employer prefers to employ graduates from overseas universities. Why this happens, of course, because the field and approval are the same. Surely there is something to see what is necessary for school students and local universities that need to be given a major focus by educators. Areas that need to be noted are soft skills or soft skill. How we need to implement this Soft Skills to students especially historical students. One way to apply soft skill or soft skills to historical students with a variety of teaching and learning. The diversity of teaching and learning methods will certainly improve the skills of soft or Soft Skills of historical students. The various creativity of teaching and learning used by educators such as teachers and lecturers are able to produce students who are able to dominate soft skill into the future of students who are able to compete in the employment market and able to generate their own income in the local and international markets. What is the diversity of teaching and learning and soft skill will be discussed deeper in this paper.


Soft Skill, university graduates, Occupational, diversity, teaching and learning


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